BBC's iPlayer coming to Wii – UK ISPs sob in despair

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iPlayer-wii-bbc-crikey.jpgIt seems like only at 10:11am this morning that UK ISPs were moaning about the burden iPlayer is putting on their ancient copper networks – well it’s about to get WORSE, lads!

Today, the BBC has announced it’s launching a version of iPlayer for Wii, in a move that’s set to take iPlayer to “the next level” and have millions more bored people idly browsing iPlayer’s line-up and hoovering up all of the internet bandwidth for their entertainment.

An “early version” of the iPlayer software will pop up on Wii’s Internet Channel literally today should you have your Wii plugged into the Matrix, with further software updates coming to make it work better during 2008.

(Via WiiWii)

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  • those updates can’t come soon enough. Just tried it (first time the wii’s been switched on this year, too) and it’s pretty choppy. Not that I can really see it being a service I’d need very often.

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