Researchers develop blue light technology to help drivers stay awake


clockwork3.jpgThis is perfect for those bloggers under a tight deadline, immune to that once potent Pro Plus/Red Bull cocktail: blue LED light.

It’s a solution being developed for US truckers by researchers at New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Certain wavelengths of blue light shone onto the driver fools the brain into thinking its a daytime ride, in turn adjusting the body clock and increasing alertness.

According to Mariana Faguiero, who co-authored the study, LEDs could be placed inside the truck cab to emit their reinvigorating blue glow, or even at rest stops, where truckers can have quick ‘light showers’, totally in keeping with their rugged image.

The researchers are now developing a pair of goggles (you can picture them already, can’t you?) which will fire the magic wavelengths of light directly into tired eyes, so users can destroy their sleep patterns on-the-go.

(via Daily Tech)

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