Ultrahuman unveils £280 Ring Air fitness wearable

Ultrahuman introduces its newly launched fitness wearable, the Ultrahuman Ring Air. The ring comes in a new, more compact form that is notch-less, ultra-thin and boasts a smooth inner shell. Ultrahuman claims the comfort of the Ring Air offers a significant advantage in sleep tracking. With its minimal form factor and smooth inner shell, this…

It's dark. You can't find the thing you need. You need a Night Coaster.

This is a nice and simple gadget, and I like nice and simple gadgets.

The problem: You wake in the night and you need to take some medication / answer your mobile / put your glasses on – but it is too dark.

The answer: Night Coaster sits on your bedside table with your medication / mobile phone / pair of glasses on it’s surface. By simply waving your hand over the Coaster, a soft blue light is emitted and you are able to retrieve your item.