Has Apple leaked a new iPhone design via their Apple Store?

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Buried within the new Apple store amongst all the iPhone and iPod Touch software, this new device has popped up, leading many to speculate whether it’s a leaked new iPhone design, or something more sinister, like a…Newton?

The eagle-eyed folks at iLounge, who first pondered on the device, have lead a discussion as to just what the image could suggest, whether it’s merely a Photoshopped image to represent the iPhone and iPod Touch together, or if it is indeed a leaked new design.

Several readers over at the site are calling shenanigans on it, claiming “it is too sharp for Apple, they like rounded edges”, however there are those that believe it’s an e-book reader, or the aforementioned Newton, which Apple abandoned in 1998. Somehow I doubt it’s the latter!

(via Electric Pig and iLounge and iPhonic)

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Katherine Hannaford
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