SanDisk Sansa Fuze specs leaked by Amazon

MP3 players

sansa_fuze.jpgListen carefully and you might hear the wails and screams from the SanDisk HQ as its latest pocket media player is accidentally leaked on Amazon.

Then again, SanDisk probably provided the details, so there’s no-else to blame really. That player is the Sansa Fuze, a likely nano competitor offering a 1.9-inch screen, a microSDHC slot, support for MP3, WMA, and MPEG-4, an FM tuner, voice recorder, 24 hours of battery life for audio, 5 hours for video and a choice of colour – including red, black and pink.

The capacity listed is 4GB, which will set you back $99 (around £50), but there’s likely to be other smaller and larger models available after the official launch.

SanDisk (via DAP Review)

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