British scientists want your Beatles-related memories for their Magical Memory Tour website/experiment


Those crazy British psychologists! Several University of Leeds peers have embarked on what they’ve dubbed ‘the Magical Memory Tour’, to discover what the general population’s first memories are when they think about the Beatles. LSD-soaked memories not sought, sorry.

The project consists of a massive online database of memories, which will be presented at a festival in Liverpool come September. It’s not simply an outlet for old hippies to reminisce about the first time they heard I Am The Walrus whilst on acid, as according to the two psychologists, the survey will help scientists with understanding memory capacities and how they change with age.

One of the project founders from the University, Martin Conway, wants participants to send “the first memory that comes to mind” when thinking about the Beatles, however “please spare us any graphic details”.

Obviously the 25-year-old female from South East England who submitted her memory about the frog song which she “absolutely loved” didn’t understand that particular part of the request.

Magical Memory Tour (via My Chemical Toilet)

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