Float Away – the laptop that doesn't overheat

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float_away.jpgDespite all the advancements in laptop design, there’s one thing we’re still stuck with – warm lap syndrome. Yes, your average laptop can keep you warm on a cold winter’s day – but that’s not necessarily a good thing. And it’s something that the Float Away laptop could end.

The work of Young Hwan Kim and right now, still in the concept stage. the Float Away elevates the back end by integrating a lift bar into the design. Which means heat can dissipate into the air, keeping your laptop cool. Which in turn is good news for extending your laptop’s life and good news for your lap.

Will it be picked up? Well, if there’s any common sense floating around.

(via Yanko Design)

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One thought on “Float Away – the laptop that doesn't overheat

  • My average laptop gives me red blotches if I keep it on my lap for too long… and that’s with pants on. If I put it on my bare legs I’d probably get full-blown burns.

    However, there are laptop stands that do what this laptop proposes, and they’re cheap. So I hope that, if they do make this, they don’t charge $50 just for that piece of plastic.

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