Sandisk launches FlashBack for constant notebook back-up

Laptops / Notebooks

sandisk_flashback.jpgAre you the kind of person who constantly worries about computer crashes that could wipe out your all-important documents and data? Then you are the type of person Sandisk is chasing with its FlashBack adapter.

It fits into the ExpressCard slot of your laptop, automatically and continuously backing up and encrypting critical data onto an SD flash memory card. Which means it’s always going to be there, no matter what happens to your hard drive.

The adapter comes with software for Windows-based laptops, so you can choose what you back up. Restoring the files is as simple as running the program and selecting the files, either on the laptop or on another PC with a memory card reader. Expect it in a couple of months, with a price of $29.99 in the US – no price as yet for the UK.


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