Babelgum launches new Web TV platform

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babelgum.pngBabelgum, the global online free TV network, has revamped its web TV platform, adding a number of new features and expanding the number of platforms it works on.

Great news for Mac users hoping to use the service… you can! In addition, there are now three new Communities: Films & Festivals, Motorcycling, and Nature & Conservation. Don’t worry, that’s just the first of a growing series. Each of these communities offers up an interactive message board, video clips, and links to member profiles. Users can also create their own personal video playlists and customise their profiles.

Importantly, there’s now an advanced search function which automatically selects keywords as users type in search terms, a better “most popular” filter, video sharing and embedding on other sites, plus new features for content owners.


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Andy Merrett
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  • we were most definitely peaceful, happy, loving … content.
    You’re questioning the integrity of the organization that was first to report on the tsunami’s xxxxxxxxxxxx to Oprah?
    thanks for letttin me know how to do dis i appreciate it
    I love your site and the article is useful!

  • I agree, why would you launch something that isn’t even ready yet? Clearly Mac users are at a disadvantage. Plus, who wants to spend all day trying to upload content only to have to repeat the same process over and over again. Annoying!!

  • Nice piece of marketing bullshit written by the company itself : actually I tried it on my mac and it crashed every time. Poor content as far I have managed to watch it…

    • Shame. Hopefully they’ll iron this out. I think BG has potential. Which hardware and software are you using (ie Intel Mac running Firefox) ?

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