At least your BT bill money is going somewhere decent – the Isle of Wight Festival!

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the-police-sting.jpgNow, before disgruntled BT customers start complaining that they should give their customer service higher priority than sponsoring music festivals, listen up.

Tickets for the Isle of Wight Festival sold out quite a while back, so if you’ve been cursing your slow ticket-buying fingers for making you miss bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Kaiser Chiefs and The Police (I know I’m annoyed at the missed opportunity of seeing Sting in tight trousers and muscle shirts), the news that more last-chance tickets will be on offer with thanks to BT’s sponsorship should make you perk up a bit. Especially after you glance at that photo of Sting again. Cor…

BT is obviously loving being associated with something as ‘young’ and ‘cool’ as the Isle of Wight Festival, with their Group Managing Director for Consumer, Gavin Patterson, claiming “this is a proud first for BT. Being associated with an event like this reflects how BT has transformed as a business and has become an established player in the world of multi-media entertainment with new services like our next generation TV service BT Vision”.

Customers, better pay this month’s bill on time, just in case BT offers the last-chance tickets to their favourite members!

Isle of Wight Festival

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