Panasonic rolls out a bevy of Viera Plasma TVs, three series' worth: the PZ85, PZ80 and PX80

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panasonic-viera-123.jpgA slew of new flat-screens from Panasonic have been announced in the past 24 hours, with a bunch of Plasmas being the first port of call.

Let’s get the most exciting news over with first – the manufacturer has announced their first 46″ model, alongside three new model series, the PZ85, PZ80 and PX80.

Firstly, the 1080p PZ85 will come in a 46″ model (TH-46PZ85B) and 42″ (TH-42PZ85B), from March. They’ll have a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 along with a VIERA Link and 24p Real Cinema technology. Another significant addition is the Intelligent Frame Creation which gives a smoother, cleaner image by inserting extra frames between source frames.

Next up to the Tech Digest podium is the PZ80 series, which will include the TH-42PZ80B, TH-46PZ80B and TH-50PZ80B models. That’s 42″, 46″ and 50″ for people whose eyes blur when looking at model numbers.

These tellies feature more of that delicious 1080p resolutions, and have 100Hz Double Scan technology for better motion. Tick off V-Real Pro 3, x.v. Colour and three HDMI ports whilst you’re at it, but as for the release date, we’re unsure – Panasonic claim it’ll be April, May and June, so I’m assuming one model size a month will be launched consecutively!

The last range of Viera Plasmas from Panasonic, the PX80 series, contains a 37″ (the TH-37PX80B) and 42″ (the TH-42PX80B) model. They’re not quite as lovely as the previous two series, being billed as just HD-Ready and not Full HD, but will appeal to those with more shallow pockets. Still, they’re sporting V-Real 3 technology, along with 100Hz Double Scan stuff, three HDMI ports and inbuilt SD card slot. Available from March, this range and the previous two don’t even know how much they’ll cost, so how are we supposed to?

Panasonic Viera

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