Sony Europe introduces "Product, Process and Planet" environmental commitment

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sony_product_process_planet_initiative.gifSony Europe has just recommitted itself to lessening its environmental impact, with the introduction of the “Product, Process and Planet” initiative.

The “Product” part of the initiative relates to Sony’s efforts to make its consumer electronics goods more environmentally friendly.

TV products currently account for around 76% of Sony’s overall CO2 emissions, but the company has reduced the power consumption of its LCD TVs, and in recognition of this was awarded the Sustainable Energy Europe Award by the European Commission and the EISA Green TV Award last year.

Sony’s new OLED TV technology should also help to reduce the impact of both materials used and energy consumption, though of course the technology is still in its infancy.

“Process” details how Sony plans to reduce the impact of their manufacturing, distribution and other processes. They’re committed to saving 30,000 tons of CO2 equivalent by 2010, while since November 2007, the energy used at the Sony DADC manufacturing site in Anif, Austria and Sony’s Austrian sales company comes from 100% renewable sources, representing an annual CO2 reduction of approximately 11,000 tons.

Finally, “Planet” covers environmental initiatives taken by Sony to reduce its direct and indirect impact on the planet, including its partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Climate Savers Programme and a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7% worldwide by 2010, compared to their 2000 levels.

Lots of words and promises which I hope Sony manages to remain committed to.

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