Nokia gets all environmentally friendly with the 3110 Evolve

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nokia-3110-evolve-.jpgNokia’s 3110 has “bio-covers” that are made from over 50% renewable material. Now, we’re not entirely sure what that means or what a bio-cover even is, but it sure sounds like the sort of thing scientists keep telling us are good on the news. Anything bio is great, yes?

The new 3110 even comes in a sensibly small box, made out of 60% recycled stuff, plus the charger is a right little star – it uses 94% less energy than the Energy Star guidelines recommend. If you buy one of these, you’ll be doing the world so much good you’ll be allowed to leave an extra three light bulbs on in empty rooms of your house overnight.

But don’t do that, or you’ll un-do all the good work Nokia’s been doing to help stop the polar bears melting, like making its phones remind users to unplug their chargers after use to save energy.

(Via Nokia)

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