What's the bet the sound quality is just as bad when iPod earbuds get blown up to 500x their normal size?

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I just saw these over on Shiny Shiny and thought they were too good not to show you all here on Tech Digest.

Like them or loathe them, iPod earbuds are synonymous with the word ‘ubiquitous’, with the little white buds recognisable in someone’s eardrums from miles off. So, the transition between earphones and speakers isn’t that far of a stretch, with Fred & Friends blowing them up to 500x their normal size, whacking a built-in amplifier in, and a couple of batteries for power.

No word on pricing or availability, but supposedly they’re real, even if the above picture is clearly Photoshopped. I will have nightmares tonight about tinny sound quality.

Fred & Friends (via Shiny Shiny via Gizmodo)

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