Koss QZ77 dual noise reduction earbuds

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Koss has just released the QZ77 noise-reducing stereo earbuds that employ both Active and Passive Noise Reduction.

As you’ve seen from some of the reviews here at Tech Digest, many noise-reduction headphones are quite big and obvious, but Koss have tried to make these earbuds as subtle as possible, whilst still packing in the features.

Based on technology from another Koss model, The Plug, the stereo earbud features a dynamic element placed just outside the ear, that helps to reduce low frequency noise. This element is connected to a tubular port structure that’s inserted on a soft expandable cushion that fits in the ear canal. This is the Passive Noise Reduction that helps reduce high and medium frequencies. The close fit of the earbuds also help to enhance deep bass and treble clarity.

Frequency response is 15-25,000 Hz, with less than 0.2% distortion. No word on exactly how it’s powered but I expect you’ll need a pack of batteries.

Priced at £74.99 it’s available now.

Andy Merrett
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