Microsoft to resurrect classic IntelliMouse Explorer

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Microsoft have said that they will reintroduce the IntelliMouse Explorer mouse with some added features.

Apparently (not being a hardened gamer I didn’t know this) the mouse is revered amongst gamers. It’s coming back in October, featuring running speed of 9000 fps, toggling between default and precision modes, and weapons switching.

Microsoft Hardware’s Bill Jukes said "People were literally carrying around their IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0s in protective glass cases, and rightly so. There isn’t a mouse on the market that can beat this design for comfortable play and precision for low-sensitivity first-person shooter games,"

I’m not sure carrying round computer equipment in glass cases is such a good idea, but I get his point.

What do you reckon. Is the IntelliMouse that great?

Andy Merrett
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  • Me too!

    I’ve been using my MIME for several years on both Macs and Windows. It is a version 3.0, which I bought after my original MIME died.

    I judge my equipment, tools, gadgets etc. on the “what if it died?” question. Typically, such a death means the opportunity to get a newer, better, bigger (or smaller) and faster version.

    If my MS Intellimouse died, I would rush out and buy the same again (unless there was a Bluetooth Mac-compatible MIME, that is).

  • I hadn’t realised that my intellimouse was a classic. I have been using one for about five years on various macs and certainly have found it comfortable. If I have to keep it in a glass case now I don’t know how I will be able to use it. Perhaps I will have to go aback to the old apple flying saucer mouse!

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