Protect your important bits with the anti-radiation mobile phone case


Bit worried about what your mobile’s doing to you? Think that getting a warm ear after ten minutes of chatting is merely the tip of the iceberg, and that in 30 years time mobile phone users will be forced to stand outside pubs in the rain for the safety of the general population once the SHOCKING TRUTH about DEADLY mobile radiation finally comes out?

In that case, wrap your phone up in one of these – an anti-radiation case. Created, or at least mocked-up in principle – by know-what-you’re-getting-from-the-name Anti Radiation Leather Case Cellular Accessories, the anti-radiation case only has blocking on one side so your phone still works and sees the outside world. While stopping those invisible death rays from penetrating your essential organs.


The anti-radiation mobile phone case will “considerably decrease the negative influence of a cellular phone radiation on humans during its passive use as well as the conversation through handsfree devices,” so is a serious thing, and definitely not something to be lumped in with crackpot inventions like the EMFields Screening Headnet.

(Via Anti-Radi)

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  • Watch this space in next decade as mobile anti radiation cases for mobiles will be the must have. Not for fashion as they dont look the coolest but to save your health. I was constantly getting earache and numb hands when using phone. Bought a case from dissolved company called microshield and instantly stopped. These things work!

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