Isabodywear underwear – mobile radiation protection down below

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Do mobile phones give off harmful radiation? The general consensus is currently no, but no-one is 100 per cent sure. And if you still have worries, you could be a potential customer for Isabodywear anti-radiation underwear.

The futuristic pants are made of silver, which the Swiss firm claims will fend off radiation from your mobile phone – and the associated health problems. Or indeed fertility problems. And just to prove their effectiveness, the company says that any class made within the confines of the underwear will not connect. Thankfully, there isn’t a clip of said test.

Around 4,000 pairs have been made so far, with the first 500 being offered free if you are willing to give them a try and fill in a survey. For the rest of us, these will retail for the equivalent of £12 a pair.

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