CES 2008: Energizer launches Energi To Go portable iPod charger

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energizer-ipod-charger.JPGBatteries aren’t sexy. Well, unless you’re some kind of filthy AAA electrode fetishist. But Energizer doesn’t just make batteries. It also makes products that use batteries to do other stuff. That’s a bit sexier. Witness the Energi To Go Portable Power for iPod, which was announced yesterday at CES.

It’s a travel charger: basically, you stick two AA Lithium batteries inside, and it can then charge your iPod (fourth or fifth generation), iPod Nano (first or second generation) or your iPod Mini. As a guide, you can expect it to provide two full charges for an 80GB iPod Video (that’s 32 hours of music playback or 12 hours of video playback). On a Nano, it’ll supply three full charges – 46 hours of music playback.

Energizer reckons the sleek design will appeal to iPod-heads. It’ll cost $29.99 in the US when it goes on sale this month, and although a retail price for the UK is unconfirmed, the device IS going on sale in Blighty this month too.

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