TG Sambo's next-gen satnav with alcohol sensor


tg-sambo-satna-alcohol-sensor.jpgNo doubt alarm bells and sirens are going off all over the place in that demonstration booth right now, judging by the amount of drunken nudity going on in that photo.

The booze-sensing TG Sambo device is called the TN1000SDT all you model number fetishists will be pleased to hear, and comes under the company’s FAVICON umbrella.

These devices have TV tuners in, support local traffic information updates, plus they all pack an SD card slot so you can load up piles of music and films for watching when stuck in the contraflow where the M25 joins the M1 just outside Hemel Hempstead for two hours.

One of them even has an OLED screen, which is surely over the top for something that’s going to get stolen out of your car within weeks of getting it home from Halfords?


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Gary Cutlack
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