Le Web 3 2007. Television Reborn

Le Web 3, Web 2.0

According to the programme, the panel members are as follows: Benjamin Bejbaum, Daily Motion, Nir Ofir, BlogTV Robert Scoble – PodTech, Conrad Riggs – Mark Burnett Productions (LongelyGirl15), Jeff Pulver – Pulver Media. But thanks to this new fangled trend for not bothering to introduce yourself properly, I’m pretty sure we have someone from Seesmic instead of someone from Daily Motion.

So far it mainly seems to consist of them showing us their geek TV services, including Scobleizer and Pulver Media. If this is what we’ll all be watching on a Sunday evening instead of Cranford, shoot me now. But I’m suffering an afternoon slump brought on by too much French cheese at lunchtime, so have decided to move proceedings to Shiny Shiny’s Twitter page instead (usually inhabited by Susi). If you’d like to listen to me chattering unnecessarily (along with all the hundreds of other Le Web 3 Twitterers) you can join me here.

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