Sci-fi dreams coming true – cloaking device now a reality


activate-cloaking-device-mr-worf.pngThat weird black blurry thing on the left is something very important. No, I am not pregnant. It is a cloaked plastic object of some sort, hidden from view by clever scientists.

This is quite complicated science, so please excuse me if I just kind of gloss over the whys and hows of all this, and just say “Hey, wow! Cloaking devices like in Star Trek! Awesome!”.

It’s something to do with electron waves called plasmons, which are generated by light hitting certain surfaces, which have a negative refraction effect on visible light striking a special kind of acrylic structure – they bend light, basically.

I pretty much just copied that last paragraph almost word-for-word from here without really understanding a word of it. If you’re interested and can pay attention to science things on the last Friday afternoon before Christmas, give it a read.

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Gary Cutlack
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