Christmas Wii shortage doesn't stop it getting a customers' choice award


wii-2007.jpgAs if it weren’t enough that we’ve already declared it the 2007 winner, and despite stock shortages yet again, Nintendo’s Wii has scooped a Customers’ Choice award from the independent review publishers Reevoo.

The Wii achieved an overall score of 8.78 out of ten, compared with 8.25 for the PlayStation 3 and 7.65 for the Xbox 360, based upon reviews from genuine purchasers.

HD DVD fans and general Sony-haters cover your eyes now, for it seems that the Playstation 3 rated highest on value for money because of its integration of a Blu-ray player. Oh no, the wars are not over, my friend.

However, the Wii seems to win hands-down on usability, child-friendliness, and exercise potential (yeah, right, try using a dance mat).

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was lovingly described as being as “heavy as my nan after she’s eaten an entire elephant” by one reviewer.

Richard Anson, CEO of Reevoo, said: “The Wii has been an absolute phenomenon this year and Nintendo would have cleaned up if availability had been better this Christmas.”

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