Bug Labs creates the DIY mobile handset

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With Sagem selling mobiles for under £10, it hardly seems worth the effort making your own. But just like DIY, there’s nothing like doing the job yourself, however shoddy the end result might be.

Actually, the Bug Labs handset less like DIY and more like Lego or Meccano, with ‘modules’ added to the handset as and when you need the features. The basic module is a Linux computer with 128MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, USB, ethernet and a screen. But if you want to add GPS or a digital camera, you just add a module. If you want to add an application, it’s just a few lines of code away.

That certainly doesn’t mean a slimline handset, but it does offer something rather unique. No word on pricing as yet for this US-based handset.

Bug Labs (via Cellphones.ca)

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