Orange to sell Sagem my150x pay-as-you-go phone for £10!

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sagem-my150x.jpgThat’s not a typo. Sagem’s new my150x will cost just a tenner with a pay-as-you-go contract on Orange, and is on sale in Asda supermarkets now. That’s less than a bottle of wine (if you’re posh) or three bottles of wine (if you’re not).

That’s without a doubt the cheapest prepay phone ever in the UK. Are you being fobbed off with rubbish features though? The 1.8-inch screen takes its cues from old-skool calculators, so don’t expect to be watching videos or sending picture messages (nope, there’s no camera either).

It does have polyphonic ringtones, since you ask. Personally, I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole due to my zeitgeisty 3G lifestyle, but there are millions of supermarket shoppers who’ll jump at it, mark my words. £10, eh? Cor.

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Stuart Dredge
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  • I purchased two of these for my daughters. Registration of both was a problem and cost £5-6 to correct. Once that was completed we discover that one of the telephones will not send text messages. So far we have tried all sorts to discover the problem and have wasted another £3-4 calling Orange. Now I recall why I took my company business elsewhere.

  • Hello,
    I am having a problem with my phone.I once wrote to and you said you would reply very soon and I have not heard any word from you.whenever i switch on the phone (sagem my150) it displays sim lock code.I am not able to the phone here in Ghana.My brother brought the phone fro me when he returned from London.For now, I need the sim unlocking code to be able to use the phone here in Ghana.
    Thank you

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