Broadcom planning 12 megapixel, 720p playback – for mobile phones


720p-mobile-phone-video.jpgBroadcom’s new technology will kick mobile camera and video abilities through the roof, providing it isn’t lying about the technology packed into its next-gen BCM2727 mobile media chip.

We have no reason to think a company like Broadcom would lie.

The company’s new multimedia chip features the VideoCore III technology, which maxes out at 12 megapixel capacity if coupled with a suitably decent sensor. Better than that, it’s powerful enough to encode and decode 720p video at 30fps while supporting the H.264 range of HD formats. Phones supporting the chip could be bundled with HDMI interfaces so you can playback sickeningly hi-res movies of your drunken pub mates in proper HD the next day.

Broadcom is already supplying test quantities of this amazing new ‘super chip’ to mobile makers, so expect pioneering phone innovators like LG or Samsung to launch something suitably HD Ready in a year or two.

Via (TG Daily)

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