‘Reasonable evidence’ Tesla knew self-driving tech was faulty, PlayStation 5 Slim pre-orders live in UK

A judge has found “reasonable evidence” that Elon Musk and other executives at Tesla knew that the company’s self-driving technology was defective but still allowed the cars to be driven in an unsafe manner anyway, according to a recent ruling issued in Florida. Palm Beach County Circuit Court judge Reid Scott said he had found evidence…

BBC iPlayer goes HD and Adobe Flash secures TV deal

The Beeb.jpg

Here’s a no-brainer for you with them both stuck next to each other on the BBC News page. On the one hand, iPlayer is going HD today. On the other, we’re going to see Adobe Flash chips in TV sets and set-top boxes.

Now seeing as iPlayer, and YouTube for that matter, are both Flash based, it looks as if live broadcast TV is taking another step towards an ultimate demise. The issue before, as far as I’m concerned was that the likes of iPlayer and the Tube were too hideously pixelated and rubbish to ever watch on the big screen but in full resolution, there’ll be nothing left to stop them.

So far, they’ll be no Adobe love for the likes of Sony and Samsung but we should be looking at 420 million bits and pieces of hardware as made by Broadcom, Intel, NXP and STMicroelectronics within the next three years. Worth having a little think before you buy AV.