New Universe offers WTW-154 waterproof wireless TV with media transmitter


Electricity and wanter don’t mix. Or more specifically, bathrooms and plug sockets. But if you want to watch TV while you have a soak, help is at hand – the WTW-154 TV from New Universe.

It’s a 15.4-inch waterproof TV, which means you can splash away without the worry of a nasty accident or to a lesser extent, a broken TV. It also means it’s good for kitchens and gardens too. Indeed all of that is aided by the fact that the TV is wireless, powered by an internal rechargeable battery (2,5hrs). There’s even a transmitter box thrown in too – allowing you to send any multimedia content (TV, DVD player, set-top-box, camera) to the TV within a range of 30m.

Available now, but not cheap at £999.

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Dave Walker
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