AudioUprising – buy ad space to make your band big money

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Remember the Million Dollar homepage? It was a very cunning idea from Student Alex Tew to bag himself a fortune from pixel advertising. Well, that same idea has been put to use to promote bands.

Audio Uprising asks people to buy little advertising plots on a big grid, with each plot linking to a band profile page rather than to a sponsor’s website. Each 10 pixel X 10 pixel block on the site costs $10, and there’s no limit to how many blocks a band can buy, although you can only upload one song per grouping.

Visitors then vote on the bands – and the winner gets between $10K and $50K (depending on the number of bands signed up) plus a showcase concert in their home town. Sadly, only one band (Darkwater) has entered – and they’re winning.

Audio Uprising (via Wired)

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