Wolfking Warrior Xxtreme keyboard is just scary



Yikes! I haven’t been this afeared of a keyboard since the time I saw that health & safety video about exactly how many nasty bacteria are lurking under my QWERTY keys. Not that bacteria would even dare venture onto Wolfking’s Warrior Xxtreme keyboard, which is pictured above.

It claims to be a two-in-one PC gamepad and keyboard, and has been launched specifically for hardcore MMO players. In other words, the guy you’re deathmatching may well have one of these, so you may as well give up and play Pokemon or something instead.

It’s got two USB ports, works on Macs and PCs alike, and has a ‘Blue Moon’ backlight. Expect to pay $79.99 in the US, although so far it’s only being sold through Dell there.

(via Engadget)

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Stuart Dredge
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