Having your own DNA Portrait is cool, but is it art? (Clue: yes)



Wouldn’t it be great to have your living room wall adorned with your very own DNA. No, I don’t mean weeing on it or daubing your name in blood. I’m talking about the bespoke DNA portraits produced by a firm called DNA 11.

Basically, they send you a swab to wipe inside your cheek, you send it back to them, and they create a unique DNA portrait based on your genetic code. You can even have a canvas combining two, three or four people’s DNA, so that all the family can be on there.

There’s a variety of sizes and colour combinations, and they’ll incorporate your signature if you want too. Prices start at £258 for a single-person canvas, rising to £672 if you want four people on there.

DNA Art website (via Medgadget)

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Stuart Dredge
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