Imagini – social networking through Visual DNA

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Rather than meeting people on websites and forums through basic interests, how about digging deeper to find someone with a match with your true character? That’s what Imagini claims to offer.

The British-based site uses images to uncover a person’s true character, known as Visual DNA. Using the idea that a picture paints a thousand words, you simply select images – compiled by a team of leading designers and psychologists – that best portray your attitude to a variety of topics like art, music and food. And as they’re based on instant response, it gets to the heart of you more than a standard questionnaire.

A profile is then produced, which can be downloaded as a ‘widget’ and pasted onto a blog or your mySpace page. The idea is to find like-minded ‘Imagini friends’, based on a criteria a little deeper than a favourite football team or group.

Over one million people have now created a personal profile since its Beta vlaunch just over three months ago – and it’s rapidly accelerating – 750,000 of these have been in the past 2 weeks. If you want one, visit the site.

Imagini website

Dave Walker
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