New Standards Keyboard introduces new keyboard layout, in the puzzle style?



If you were wondering why we have a “Keyboards” subcategory under “Computers”, it’s for the likes of this quirky new gadget from New Standards Keyboard.

Believing that the QWERTY keyboard is flawed, as is the increasingly popular DVORAK alternative, they’ve set about creating a Technicolor version which wouldn’t look out of place in a child’s playroom.

Firstly, I’ve never seen so many colours on a keyboard. Green, red, pink, light blue, dark blue, yellow, and orange combine with almost as ghastly consequences as when you try to type with it. At least, as bad as PC Pro’s attempts at typing on these keys.

The keys are arranged in alphabetical order, but in two sections, with the arrow keys stuffed in the middle, and two small “Space buttons” instead of a Space Bar.

On average it took staff at PC Pro over four times longer to type the classic “quick brown fox” phrase on the NSK device than it did on a standard QWERTY interface. Leaving aside the obvious familiarity with the QWERTY layout, I don’t think NSK will be setting “new standards for user-friendliness and efficiency” any time soon.

(Via PC Pro)

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  • There is actually a well thought out reason for the “psychedelic” colors of this keyboard. The rainbow colors identify the different kinds of functions of the keys. The rainbow color scheme was originally designed for classroom use, to help teachers give children a better understanding of the different functions of the keys, which also helps them understand the computer itself. We also have a more traditional silver and black model.

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