Warner ditches Total HD hybrid disc format – for good


total-hd-dual-format-disc-dead.jpgLearning that two wrongs don’t make a right, Warner has decided it’s probably best not to launch its “Total HD” Blu-ray and HD DVD combined disc format after all.

We last mentioned Total HD when the launch of the possibly market-saving dual format disc was delayed a few months ago – now Warner’s given up on the idea altogether.

Speaking to HD Digest, Warner’s Jim Noonan said “The short answer is, for the moment, it is on hold.”

Noonan goes on to point out that Warner had no financial interest in Total HD, it was simply offering it to the industry as a little olive branch that could end all the pain and suffering the “format war” is inflicting upon the world. But none of the other makers were bothered about it.

Another stunning success in the never-ending tale of misery and apathy that is the HD format war!


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Gary Cutlack
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