These are the engravings Apple doesn’t want on your iPod

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I’ve never actually considered the fact that Apple might reject some of the messages customers ask to engrave on the backs of their iPods, or that people would be stupid enough to ask for some of these things.

Luckily this website has popped together a list of some of the messages Apple has denied, including ‘10,000 stolen tunes inside’, ‘cocaine and razor blade not included’, ‘screwing the RIAA one download at a time’ and my personal favourite, ‘this iPod will self destruct in one year’.

But, alas, some naughty messages don’t get caught in Apple’s censorship net, like the three you see above, and ‘this engraving has lowered my resale value’, ‘to all the Chinese children who made my iPod, thanks!’, ‘me vs. RIAA: Exhibit A’, ‘I’m so trendy, look at my white headphones!’ and ‘CDs are for amish people!’

So wait…what? Julia Roberts did drop out of high school!?

(via Method Shop)

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