French piracy web-banning scheme coming to the UK?

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web-ban-poll-tax-riot.jpgThe lunatic French idea to cut off the fingers (disconnect the web connections) of those caught downloading pirated material could be coming to the UK.

John Kennedy of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, told Billboard he’s hoping UK ISPs will take voluntary action to curb file sharing, but not much has happened thus far – so he expects the government to look at proper regulation regarding piracy in 2008.

“When we’ve talked to them [illegal downloaders] in focus groups about disconnection, they realise that is a huge consequence and that would be a real deterrent,” said Kennedy, of the possible move that could have geeks rioting in the streets.

Not that a geek riot would be particularly worrying. It’d probably be a virtual riot conducted entirely via Twitter. No extra police would have to be drafted in.

Anyway, the point is, if the UK follows the French route and starts kicking people off their web connections for getting caught downloading pirated material, hell will be unleashed. And we’ll all have to go and live with the Pirate Bay in broad-minded and welcoming Sweden.


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