France plans to cut off pirates' internet access


French-Revolution.jpgThere will be computers burning in France over this.

New French rabble-rousing President Nicolas Sarkozy has revealed plans to ban those found guilty of sharing copyrighted files from using the internet.

There will be a “three strikes and you’re out” rule for pirates, so the first couple of times you’re caught stealing Season Two of Heroes you’ll be fine – but get done again and you’ll have your “pipe” disconnected.

The Draconian measures being mulled over by the French will also force ISPs to hand over data about “high volume users” or, to put it another way, anyone who regularly hoovers piles of stuff off Bittorrent or usenet.

As a loving present and reward for being a good internet citizen, the French music industry has agreed to remove all DRM from digital music sold, plus DVD releases will happen sooner after the cinema originals to discourage everyone stealing Chinese DVD rips.

(Via After Dawn)

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One thought on “France plans to cut off pirates' internet access

  • I spend a lot of time in France – and don’t do filesharing, but this is draconian!!! Sarkozy is going TOO FAR!

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