Start collecting tins of Heinz, the internet apocalypse is hitting 2010!


edvard-munch-scream.jpgAt the rate most internet users are going, joining up to social networking site upon social networking site, spamming the internet with their emo thoughts and feelings, videos and photos, the news that the internet could be ‘all full up’ by 2010 seems a little optimistic.

It’s all to blame on increased internet traffic, according to analysts Nemertes Rsearch Group, who have published their findings on the subject. To combat this close-to-apocalyptic situation, they’re suggesting $137 billion is needed to invest in worldwide broadband infrastructures.

The Group claimed the effects would cause “more than one attempt to confirm an online purchase or it may take longer to download the latest video from YouTube”, which really isn’t that different to most of our connections at the moment, by the sounds of things.

(via BBC)

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Katherine Hannaford
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