Teen suicide over LHC Apocalypse fears; let's rename the beast


Sadly, an 16-year-old Indian girl took the fears of an all-encompassing black hole being formed by the Large Hadron Collider, and took her life instead of carrying on as normal as the rest of us have.

On the scheme of things, if there was even the remotest possibility of being annihilated by a lethal black hole sucking, I’d rather die that way than fairly unpleasantly by drinking pesticide. I guess the girl believed that suicide is painless.

In related news, the Royal Society of Chemistry has launched a competition to find a new, more meaningful, name for the LHC. Dr Richard Pike said that it “fails to reflect the drama of its mission, or the inspiration it should be conveying to the wider public….

Start collecting tins of Heinz, the internet apocalypse is hitting 2010!

edvard-munch-scream.jpgAt the rate most internet users are going, joining up to social networking site upon social networking site, spamming the internet with their emo thoughts and feelings, videos and photos, the news that the internet could be ‘all full up’ by 2010 seems a little optimistic.

It’s all to blame on increased internet traffic, according to analysts Nemertes Rsearch Group, who have…