Show us your 'Sunny Sundae Smiles', as My Bloody Valentine is releasing their new album online

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The brilliant Irish shoegazer band, My Bloody Valentine, is continuing their assault on our eardrums, by following in the large footsteps of Radiohead (and Trent Reznor, The Charlatans, Kylie, Cliff Richard…) and are releasing their upcoming album online without a music label.

Just last week their reunion tour was confirmed, with tickets to their London gig selling out in under a minute, fuelling hype for the rumoured album first mentioned back in January this year by singer Kevin Shields.

Like Radiohead, they also plan to release the album on vinyl, but first and foremost, it will be available online, at a set price. This will be their first album since 1991’s ‘Loveless’, and their first tour since they split in 1995. Start greasing your hair up and donning your black clothes in preparation.

(via After Dawn)

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