OFCOM upgrading the digital TV system – HD could be here by 2009


tv-hd-freeview-ofcom.jpgTelly bosses at OFCOM have announced proposals to change the digital TV broadcast standard – which could allow HD channels to arrive well before the analogue switch-off is done.

The new digital TV broadcast standard includes a change to the more efficient MPEG4 picture encoding system, which along with a few other measures, will lead to a doubling of available TV capacity using the same old system we have now.

OFCOM’s currently asking the public service broadcasters how they’d use this new space before dishing it out – so hopefully it’ll be used for a small number of HD channels, rather than another 20 rubbish quiz phone-in stations presented by morons.

Good news – although we’ll all need new digital TV boxes to decode any future HD channels. Perhaps now might be a good time to buy shares in Dixons.


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Gary Cutlack
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