The perfect iPhone accessory, Bluetrek's Sense bluetooth headset is S-E-X-Y


Yes – bluetooth headsets aren’t that appealing admittedly, but how about a touch-sensitive model, which will go perfectly with this year’s finger-print lovin’ mobiles?

Bluetrek has created a stylish headset that’ll be available early 2008, and you’ll be pleased to know substance hasn’t been compromised for its gorgeous aesthetics. Voice alerts let you know when you’re receiving a call, or simply connecting, disconnecting or even rejecting that unwanted call from the office on a Friday night.

The accurately named ‘Sense’ weighs just 8 grams, measures 5cm in length and offers talk time of up to four hours, and standby time of five days. I doubt any of us will ever see a bluetooth headset as beautiful as the Sense, and for the £49.95 it’ll sell for next year, it’s well worth your pennies.

Bluetrek Sense

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Katherine Hannaford
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