DiBcom claims world's first HD DTT decoder in a USB key


DiBcom, maker of hardware for mobile TV, has claimed a world first with the introduction of its HD ready digital terrestrial decoder in a USB key device.

It’s likely that the “world’s first” claim is to do with the size of the device, because other manufacturers including Happauge and Elgato have already developed USB devices capable of receiving over-the-air HD broadcasts…

Ofcom hands out terrestrial high definition licences to Channel 4 and ITV broadcasters


Though we’ve been pretty sure that all the major terrestrial broadcasters would have a place on the new high definition Freeview, Ofcom today brought that a step closer to reality by awarding licences to Channel 4/S4C and the ITV channels across England, Scotland, Ulster, and the Channel Islands.

Channel 4 and S4C (the Welsh language version, with a wide selection of its own programming) put in a joint bid, promising a wide variety of films (over 150 hours worth on peak-time 4HD in the first year), a range of drama, comedy, science programmes and documentaries, plus popular US imports like Desperate Housewives, and specific sports and kids programmes on S4C…