Now DJs are getting their own social network – MixRevolution


mixrevolution-social-network.jpgI’ve had a new idea for a social network. It’s a social network where all the administrators of social networks can come together. It can be called NetNet. NetNet 2.0.

On NetNet 2.0 social networkers can discuss social networking issues, in a safe, understanding, socially networked environment, adding each other to a list of ‘Friends’ and maybe sending each other ‘private messages’.

It’s a niche that’s mushrooming – NetNet 2.0 could easily be worth six or seven billion pounds by 2009. If anyone’s got a few grand to help me start this up, please get in touch.

Anyway, the point of all this is to tell you about MixRevolution – a new social network for DJs. Everyone on it has really stupid DJ names as you might expect. No doubt the copyright police will be on its case pretty sharpish, as trading of “mixes” is a key part of the site. As far as piracy people are concerned, distributing “mixes” equals stealing music.

Here’s another idea for a site – MySocialNet. A personal social networking site for every man, woman and child in the UK.

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