Red Square vodka encourages you to go clubbing, creates social networking site Reloaded

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Gosh, it appears alcohol manufacturers have realised that the internet isn’t just a fad that’s going to disappear overnight, and are starting to harness all the online world has to offer.

Red Square vodka is the latest company to boot up their computers, perhaps realising that now Summer’s well and truly behind us, we’re more likely to be sitting at home infront of our PCs rather than out in Ibiza clubbing the night away. They’ve launched a ‘World Party Weekenders’ site to entertain all the day-glo sportin’, white glove-wearing clubbers all over the world. Ok, those adjectives were about 15 years too late for the clubbing scene, but you get the point.

Log onto the Red Square Reloaded site and create your own movie using sexy Icelandic locals, which you can send to friends, and try your hand at entering in the many competitions they’re offering. Sadly none are offering 10 crates worth of vodka, which is what I’m after. Anyone? Vodka? No?

The site doesn’t just stop there, as it’s packing an interactive club review guide where users can interact with one another (scary ketamine-loaded internet clubbers expected), upload photos (might want to take some Valium before you sleep that night), and upload videos of their clubbing experiences (scary, bound to give you nightmares, so worth not sleeping for several days just in case.)

The site probably isn’t suitable for desk-bound minions, due to the scantily clad ‘Elsabet’ and ‘Kristjan’ cropping up on every page, but really, do you honestly want your colleagues seeing you trawling a vodka site at 9.55am, Tuesday morning? Didn’t think so.

Red Square Reloaded

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