The Wattson tells you how much electricity you're wasting, Sherlock Holmes

Energy systems

wattson-thumb.jpgThis pretty purple product isn’t designed to just sit on your shelf, glowing away ambient-ly like there’s no tomorrow, it actually has a very noble place within the household. It can lower your bills, gasp!

The Wattson from DIY Kyoto lets you see into the future, telling you how much your electricity bill will come to if you continue using the same amount of energy, and glows purple if you’re doing well, but an alarming red shade if you need to turn off your TV and assorted appliances. It’s £125 on a pre-order basis, which seems quite steep for something which is meant to be saving you money, but hey, at least it’ll help save the environment too!

The Wattson at DIY Kyoto (via Shiny Shiny via Hippyshopper)

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