B&Q aims to save the world with their green gadgets for the home

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I’ve heard on the grapevine that it’s Energy Saving Week come the 22nd of October, and B&Q has jumped onto the bandwagon for a timely ‘green gadgets’ offering to the public. We don’t normally pander to PR blitzes, but when it’s going to help save the environment, we’re only happy to oblige.

The first green gadget is the Owl Monitor, which for £49.84 (ooh, specific), will check the amount your electrical appliances are costing you, by showing on the LCD display how much energy you’re guzzling, the cost of the energy being used, greenhouse gas emissions being produced, plus the temperature and humidity.

The middle product in the picture is the Intelligent Extension Lead, which will power down your appliances plugged into the lead, when they’re switched on standby. It’ll cost £19.98.

The third product from B&Q which will help you feel less guilty about jetting off on holidays several times a year, is the most expensive at £79.98, but helps programme your lights, appliances and all manner of electricity-guzzling products so they turn on or off at specific times. I’m sure we’ve all gone to bed in the evening, leaving the bathroom light on, so this remote control will prove very handy for forgetful sorts.


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