Kylie Minogue launches her own social networking site

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kylie-minogue-facebook.jpgKylie Minogue isn’t just launching her new album: she’s taking on Facebook with her very own social network too.

It’s called KylieKonnect, and lets you set up your own profile, upload images, and chat about all things Minogue. Apart from Dannii, obviously. That would be disloyal. The site also looks set to tie in with Kylie’s official web presence, providing news, competitions, and stuff to buy.

Honestly though, can anyone think of a good reason for any pop star to launch their own proprietary social network, rather than work with the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Bebo? I wonder how many fans will be willing to set up another profile, just because it’s Kylie. And it looks a bit on the basic side too.

KylieKonnect website

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