Japan invents C-3PO


NICT-protocol-droid.jpgTechnically speaking this in an NICT non-verbal communications robot. But cover it in tin foil, paint it gold and you’ve got everyone’s favourite camp-as-a-daisy fictional protocol droid from the Star Wars universe.

The thing has communication skills just like 3PO. The developers say it can recognise body language and respond with body language of its own, so it’ll know how awkward you’re feeling when it looks at you with those COLD, DEAD EYES and reaches out to touch your face.

The idea behind it is to comfort those who can’t speak very well by sympathising with them via non-verbal methods. Frankly, it’s just going to terrify the life out of the elderly who’ll start to think The Terminator is a documentary.

And what’s the point in communicating with a robot via body language anyway? What exactly are you going to tell it?

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Gary Cutlack
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