Google rivals shrug off Open Handset Alliance announcement

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oha_main_rgb.jpgReuters has a really interesting article following up on Google’s launch yesterday of the Open Handset Alliance, in which they’ve talked to some of the companies who weren’t on board for the launch.

For example, Symbian scoffed at the news: “If Google was not involved the industry would have just yawned and rolled over,” said strategy chief John Forsyth, a Nokia spokesperson claimed “We don’t see this as a threat”, and Apple’s Natalie Kerris said that “we have a great relationship with Google and this doesn’t change anything”.

Oh, and Microsoft also gave its view, from general manager of marketing for Windows Mobile Scott Horn: “It really sounds that they are getting a whole bunch of people together to build a phone and that’s something we’ve been doing for five years. I don’t understand the impact that they are going to have.”

Rightfully disdainful, or protesting too much? Time will tell.

(via Reuters)

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